söndag 10 maj 2009

10 May 2009 FOCUS ON TESTING 2009

The 2009 season will have focus on testing for Karling Racing Team. The new bike that was built from scratch during the last three years needs some more testing. During 2008 did we “torch” the heads bad three times and at the end of the season had we solved that problem. The reason was cam timing in combination with intake design and fuel distribution.

The main things that is new on the bike for 2009 is:
New Leahy Ignition Crank Triggers
New designed Karling Crank Trigger Bracket
New lighter Venolia Pistons for Dykes ring package
New Aker & Childs Dykes .017 Piston Rings
New Karling Countersunk Copper Head Gasket
New Karling Uddeholm Deivar 4.250 Crankshaft
New Karling Uddeholm Orvar Supreme 1.094 Wrist Pins
New light weight hard anodised Supercharger drive pulleys
New ARP2000 ½” Super High Strenght Cylinder studs
New in case timed Cam Lobes

To make the most and best of testing this year will the team go to the European Championship races in Finland and Sweden. It will probably be more testing after Mantorp depending on how it fits into the schedule.