fredag 16 november 2007

2007-09-19 Technical Fair Stockholm

The new bike is designed in IronCAD 3D . Solidmakarna located in Stockholm (Nacka) is supporting and selling the program in Sweden. At 2007 Technical Fair in Älvsjö (Stockholm) Sweden did the bike a perfect job to attract visitors to take an extra look at IronCAD. Some of the drawings on the bike was used for demos.

Also the designcheck program Algor that is included in the IronCAD licens has been used on the designwork on the bike and that was shown as well.

2007-09-13 Trade Show Birmingham


AS last year, from the race at Santa Pod direct to NEC in Birmingham to move in to the RWM2007 (Recycling and Waste Management) Trade Show.

Uddeholm have got some new business areas the last couple of years. Racing is one and the reacycling industry is another example of growing areas. A lot of new machinery is built for fragmentation of all kinds of waste. For manufacturing of different kind of knives in these machines Uddeholm is involved delivering high quality steels. The bike was used for bringing some extra attention to the display and explaining the width of Uddeholms involment as a material supplier in many business areas.

2007-09-09 Santa Pod, England


After estimated 5500 hours of work on the bike did we left Täby to go to Santa Pod for testing and the first startup. It was no chance to do a test earlier, the last six months did at least one person work 15-16 hours per day on it and sometimes two persons. Hans Björkman, earlier involved in the Lars Wahlbergs team, did spend a couple of summer months double full time days together with Charley.

The other team members and many friends did also spend us much time as they can to help with different things that they are good at. It will be a separate thanks with all these guys and girls later. They all did a terrific unbelievable job.

At Santa Pod did we spend a couple of days before the race to fire up the bike many times to do adjustments and get all systems to work, fuel, ignition, clutch. At the last warmup before the first run should be made did we lift the front head after a mechanical ignition cranktrigger failure. We realized that this problem couldn´t be fixed at the track and there was not time enough to get it done properly at the race.

But anyhow, this was a start. We got the bike thru the first Tech inspection and we have a not to big to-do list before the season 2008 starts. It feels great but we are tired.

2007-08-25 Uddeholm


With both bikes in the trailer the team drove to the Uddeholm steel mill in Hagfors that is located in Värmland to show what can be made out of the materials produced on the site. A open house was organised with guided tours around the steel mill. Outside the main office a stage was built and show took place presented by Uddeholm employees. We had both bikes on display and did fire up the old bike a couple of times.

2007-07-30 Mantorp Park

NEW BIKE AT DISPLAY, MANTORP PARK, SWEDENIt did not help with stepping up the work to 15 hours a-day the last 5 – 6 months trying to get the new bike ready for the first race in May at Santa Pod. The project did be much more of everything and when almost every part should be designed, and machined in house we decide to continue to make it as we want it and take it out when it is ready during the season. For the race in Mantorp it was assembled but not ready to run. This is our home track and it is important to be there and even if we not were able to race we could meet all the visitors, sponsors, media and organizers to show what we are working with.

2007-07-12 Decal Mounting

As on the old bike did Henry Barker at SignCraft in Täby cut out the Uddeholm logos and mount them on the bike. The white letters are mounted on a chrome bottom. It lights up well at the blue bike.

2007-07-10 Painting

A large visual step is when you get the paint on your project. Now it looks like something is happening.

Martin Domeji at Ivves MC-Lack (ProBike) did a fabulous paint job.

tisdag 5 juni 2007

Custom Bike Show 2007 Norrtälje

This years Custom Bike Show in Norrtälje Sweden did have a wonderful weather wich also made the crowd bigger than ever. Since last year have the show expanded to both sides of the Norrtälje harbor and a special built bridge for riding in the bikes. This was the 33:d show since the start in 1971. There was six different classes in the competition and the best custom bike of Scandinavia was awarded. It gave the winner a place in the big finals of the World Championship ”Custom Bike Building” 2007 in Sturgis, USA.

Karling Racing Team brought the old blowerbike for three startups in the park during the day. As the picture shows did many of the visitors get a new sound-, smell- and airvibration-experience that did make hair stood on end.

torsdag 24 maj 2007


Now more than 4000 hours is spent on the new bike. Since the 2006 season ended the main focus has been on trying get everything together. Designing, programming, machining, testing, ordering parts. Most nights there is work until midnight. Weekends until 8 PM from 8 AM in the morning. The plan was to be ready for the Main Event at Santa Pod coming weekend but!!!. It is not easy to work more to catch up. So we have to cancel the plan for Main Event and continue working trying to get the bike out for Finland 6-8 July.

We will follow the race at Santa Pod on Eurodragster of course.

Have just assembled the new Trottle Body, "all in one". As everythingelse designed in IronCAD and preparing for machining in MicroTech CAM.

onsdag 2 maj 2007

New Blogg

Here is Karling Racings new blogg were you can se all the news during the season when we are on tour! Feel free to visit our guest book and make a comment!

Charley and team