torsdag 26 februari 2009


For the second year in a row did Udddeholm UK participate at the Autosport International Show. The new Karling dragbike was a big help attracting visitors to the display. The new bike is not only good to get attention to the Uddeholm brand it is also useful as a reference object for 13 different Uddeholm materials used in the 6000 hour project. Materials that are used is from the simplest low-carbon steel in clutch plates to the most exclusive powder steel in valve train parts.

Karling Racing also had some examples of components on display together with Dealer Sports STCC Team that use Uddeholm materials in different components. On display was some parts that is going to be used in the SAAB 9-3 BioPower STCC car for coming season.

To see pictures and text at Eurodragster just click on the link:


Saco Student Mässan 2008

For the second year in a row did Bergsskolan from Filipstad use the new Karling/Uddeholm dragbike at the annual Saco's student exhibition in which most of the Universities in Sweden participates. The show had 22.751 visitors which is 1.700 more than last year. Bergsskolan has expanded their courses for engineers with high grades of steel and metal industry training. The basics with all from minerals to steel production still exists of course. A lot of the high grade of engineers at Uddeholm comes from Bergsskolan.

Oct 21th to 24th 2008 TECHNICAL FAIR STOCHOLM

For the second year in a row did the new dragbike attract visitors to IronCAD/Solidmakarna´s display at 2008 Technical Fair in Älvsjö (Stockholm) Sweden. The new dragbike is designed in IronCAD 3D and as Charley Karling says “It had been impossible to get a bike like this together without IronCAD. And now when the bike is built we have a product not just a one-off dragbike.”

This years show had over 22000 visitors during 4 days. Solidmakarna did feel a very
good response at the show and the bike really did show what can be done with a good easy to use 3D program. In matter of fact Charley who have been doing the designwork did learn IronCAD the same year the bike project started.